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A free sample wall and hadge tile 


This modular wargames scenery piece is designed to be printed in multiple shades of PLA for durable table-top terrain that can be used straight from the printer without paint. With unpainted terrain you can easily store the terrain in boxes with no fear of chipped paint and without huge boards to find space for.

The smaller scatter, e.g. the wall in this case can easily be prnted with resin printers instead for a higher resolution finish, I've printed them successfully (both solid and hollowed) on an Elgoo Mars machine. The primary focus for this range is FDM printers though because of the lower cost and durability of large volumes of parts. 

I have included both painted and unpainted examples here to show what kind of thing can be achieved with a bit of glue, flock, static grass and paint for those that want to push it to the next level.

The wall and hedge can be printed as either scatter terrain, with the interlocking base (WL-BS-1C) or with the included Hex Tile as part of a larger interlocking setup. The campaign includes a huge variety of modular terrain with more walls, hedges, cliffs, hills, rivers and trees etc. for ultimate flexibility, no two setups need ever be the same.

The parts are scaled for the most commonly sized wargames at 28-35mm. Minis shown are from the Cold War Minis ranges and are not included.

Individual pieces can be linked together using the provided clip or magnetised using 3mm diameter x 2mm length magnets glued into the holes provided.

Hexed Sample File Wall & Hedge


    Examples printed at .28mm, 10% infil, on an Ender 3 using eSUN PLA+. (Olive Green, Grey, AR-Pine Green)
    90mm across the flats of the hex so will fit the bed of most resin printers (recommend that resin walls/hedges are hollowed in your slicer before printing)


    CC BY-NC-ND - Attribution - Non commercial - No derivatives

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