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Hexed Terrain exterior terrain tiles. Modular base set that can be used to create a huge variety of different setups. Designed to be printed in stock PLA for an immersive setup without paint but can be painted/flocked for a more traditional wargames board finish. The tiles can be joined with the included clips or by using 3mm diameter magnets.


Plain and textured tiles, cliffs, bushes, rocks, suitable for multiple different scales of wargaming or TTRPGs plus trees & bridges, hedges paths and drystone walls. The hedges paths and walls have straight and curved sections as well as corners and T-junctions. Hedges, Walls, Trees and Rocks are designed to be also usable as scatter terrain for an even quicker setup. The parts are scaled for 28/32mm minis (but can be resized in your slicer).


Combine with other sets for even more building possibilities.


For full details see the campaign page here.


Licensed for Personal use only. Minis shown for scale only and are not included.


Gentle Terrain Starter Set (STLs)


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